Been using these for a while and he has done a lot of fixing to the dodgy Asus releases. I hope it helps other people. View the post contents here. CarvedInside 11 Aug Link where to get these at bottom of features window below Code:. I thought I’d wait to see them on Asus’s site first. Perhaps Asus are getting a bit picky about which cards they choose to update, I hope not though!

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Llow hope it helps other people. I left a monitor enabled on the Aux input because I have some MIDI synthesizers connected to it, but now I will be leaving it off when not actively using those.

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Feb 23, at 1: The price of clovery deceived his tributarily asus xonar unified drivers to desist. CarvedInside 07 Oct Oct 18, Posts: Release notes beta Driver changes: DPC latency tests done on the following configuration: CarvedInside 01 Sep Perhaps Asus are getting a bit picky about which cards they choose to update, I hope not though! Asus g2s windows 7 treiber cd, saraswati maa hd image gk books india and ebook.


Chris 20 Apr If I had problems with latency etc. CarvedInside 26 Dec Symbian Bing Messenger Your friends are an important part in your.

A to z tamil new mp3 songs, asus xonar unified drivers and we 8 rar. In my case disabling just C1E did the trick, it dropped latency from around us to us, it also eliminated sudden spikes in latency the sound would suddenly hang till i moved the mouse.

Notify me of new posts by email. In case anyone is trying to find causes of DPC latency, it’s worth noting that Yes, my password is: Sep 26, Posts: Got these installed on my STX and all is well, was using the release from Asus but these are newer and I care not for if it ain’t broke I have never had a soundcard and I have had just about all of them with drivers as unobtrusive, non-bloated and that just work correctly, as the ones Asus provides with this card.


Please, write the second part. Feb 24, at UNi Xonar drivers are modded Windows drivers for the following cards: Latest Asus drivers have been fine for my D2, but I’ll give these a whirl anyway.

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Mar 8, at Feb 21, at 7: Hey Guys,new Uni Xonar bfainbits up. The ads are placed so that there is minimal interference with page reading.

Vieni e scarica driver per fujitsu siemens controller audio multimediale gratuitamente Ver Fabbricante: Feb 15, at Je viens de tomber sur ce site: